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Wharf Pool Fishing Rules

                                                                       Wharf Pool Fishing Rules

  • Members may only 2 rods only and must use the nets, slings and cribs/mats provided by the fishery. You may not bring your own onto the property.

  • Do not carry carp back to the water in your arms. Use the slings provided.

  • If any fish is caught over 40lb a Bailiff must be called to assist with the weighing/photographs. The fish should be kept in the net until they arrive.

  • Keeping fish in retaining slings is only allowed if requested by the management/Bailiff team or if you need to contact a Bailiff due to an issue with a fish. Otherwise fish may be kept in the landing net or retaining sling (in the water) for a maximum of 10 minutes. NO retaining fish for daylight photographs.

  • Members must use suitable carp care solutions on ALL hook holds or abrasions. You will find this in the zipped pocket of the cribs provided.

  • No fixed leads allowed. ALl leads must be able to drop off on the take or if you lose a fish. If Bailiffs find tail rubbers pushed on too hard, you will be banned.

  • ALL hooks must be Barbless - No crushed barbs, Hooks must be purchased as barbless.

  • No braided mainline allowed.

  • No leadcore or leaders of any kind allowed. No bent hooks allowed.

  • No Keepnets under any circumstances.

  • Zigs may only be used on a maximum of one rod.

  • No Maggots or Casters

  • No plastic baits 

  • Minimum 15lb main line must be used

  • Any fish found to be distressed or dead must be reported to Andy or Rich immediately on 07545 075969 or 07881 575229

  • All particle bait must be used in moderation. If you wish to use home cooked/ prepared particle it must be checked by a Bailiff before use.

  • For safety reasons do not climb any trees.

  • No swimming or wading in the lake.

  • All anglers must hold valid E.A rod license.

  • No boats/baitboats of any description are allowed on the water except for use by bailiffs during the course of their duties.

  • Anglers must not leave their swims for any longer than 2 hours. Never leave your rods in the water unattended and if you wind them in you must remove hook baits.

  • Anglers may fish for 72 hours and then must pack up and leave the lake for a minimum of 48 hours. Dual members may move to Pads Lake from Wharf Pool after 72 hours. If you wish to stay for longer than 72 hours on 1 lake you must e-mail or speak to a Bailiff in advance and request permission to do so.

  • Bailiffs may ask you to reel in for a rig check and anyone who refuses such a request shall be asked to leave the property and banned.

  • We will notify members when the Pike season starts and finishes, This will be determined by the weather.  The use of freshwater live or dead baits from other waters is strictly forbidden.

  • To assist in managing the stocks and supplementary feeding of the fishery, any carp caught must be photographed and a copy of the photo e-mailed to or posted on Wharfamaniacs Facebook page within 24 hours.

  • The management reserve the right to change or add new rules at any time.

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