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Pads Lake Fishing Rules

  • Do not carry carp or other fish over 3lb back to the water in your arms. Use a weigh sling. 

  • Members may only use nets, slings and mats/cradles provided by the fishery.

  • Members must not bring their own nets, mats/cradles or slings to the fishery at all.

  • Members must use suitable carp care solutions on ALL hook holds or abrasions. 

  • Zigs may only be used on a maximum of one rod.

  • Members must be in possession of suitable tackle to safely unhook fish (disgorgers etc) 

  • No fixed leads allowed. 

  • No braided mainline allowed. 

  • No leadcore or leaders of any kind allowed. 

  • No bent hooks allowed. 

  • Any hooks bigger than size 12 must be micro barbed. 

  • Any hooks size 12 or smaller must be barbless. 

  • Minimum 6lb mainline to be used (10lb if fishing for Carp). 

  • Keeping fish in a sling for long periods is not allowed unless directed by the management or a Bailiff. Otherwise fish may be kept in the landing net or sling (in the water) for a maximum of 10 minutes.

  • NO retaining fish for daylight photographs.

  • No Keepnets under any circumstances 

  • Fish must be unhooked in the net, or the hook link must be unclipped from the mainline in the net before the fish is removed from the water. The net must then be broken down and the fish and net placed in a sling to be carried to the cradle.

  • You must never stand upright whilst holding a fish.

  • Any fish found to be distressed or dead must be reported to Andy, Rich or a Bailiff immediately. 

  • No Nuts or shelf life boilies.

  • Hemp and other particle may only be used if shop bought and pre-prepared.

  • The use of plastic baits is prohibited.

  • Maggots may only be used when float fishing.

  • You must not leave your swim if your rods are in the water.

  • For safety reasons do not climb any trees.

  • No swimming or wading in the lake.

  • Anglers may use a maximum of 2 rods all year round. 

  • All anglers must hold valid E.A rod license 

  • No boats/baitboats of any description are allowed on the water except for use by Bailiffs during the course of their duties. 

  • Anglers must not leave their swims for any longer than 2 hours. Never leave your rods in the water unattended and if you wind them in you must remove hook baits.

  • Anglers may fish for 72 hours and then must pack up and leave the lake for a minimum of 48 hours. Dual members may move from Pads Lake to Wharf Pool. If you wish to stay for a longer session you must e-mail or speak to a Bailiff in advance and request permission to do so. 

  • Junior members must be accompanied by their full paying adult family member at all times. The junior member will not have a key and must not be in possession of full members key at any time. 

  • Any members (junior or senior) found to be behaving in a manner that is likely to cause a nuisance to other members will be asked to leave the property and may be banned without refund. Junior members are the full responsibility of the senior member at all times. 

  • Bailiffs may ask you to reel in for a rig check and anyone who refuses such a request shall be asked to leave the property and will lose their membership without refund. 

  • Pike fishing is allowed from 1st November to 1st March only. These dates may change during periods of abnormally warm weather. The use of freshwater live or dead baits from other waters is strictly forbidden. 

  • In the interests of stock management any fish over the following sizes must be photographed and a copy sent to
     or posted onto the Pads Lake members Facebook page.


      All Carp
      Tench over 8 lb
      Roach or Rudd over 2 lb 
      Pike over 10 lb
      Perch over 1lb

  • The management reserve the right to change or add new rules at any time. 

  • By purchasing any kind of membership you confirm that you have read these rules and understood that breaking them may mean losing your membership immediately with no refund

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