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Wharf Pool Fishery General Rules






  • Members may only fish the lake/s for which they have bought a membership.

  • Bailiffs/Management have the right to examine any vehicle entering or leaving the property to ensure that fish are not being removed, transported illegally or stolen. This right may only be exercised in the presence of the person using the vehicle but refusal to cooperate may result in the termination of the vehicle users rights to fish and/or be on the property. Any person found attempting to remove fish from the property shall automatically lose their membership and will be reported to the Police.

  • Members must carry their photo ID and proof of membership email at all times and must show it to a Bailiff on request. 

  • Memberships/Membership cards are not transferable.

  • Lock the gates behind you at all times and rotate the combinations.

  • It is the responsibility of any angler occupying a swim to ensure that the swim and the surrounding areas are kept free of litter.

  • Dogs are allowed but must be under control and stay in your swim and out of the water.

  • No open fires at any time

  • Non fishing guests are only allowed at the venue if they are in possession of an annual visitors permit. They remain the responsibility of the full member.

  • Use the toilet provided and leave it as you would like to find it. No fouling anywhere else around the property.  If using a portable toilet, please take your waste home.

  • There will be a floating Closed Season of up to 4 weeks from the day that there is any sign of the fish spawning. Notice will be posted on Facebook and an e mail will be sent to all members. Anyone caught fishing during this time will lose their membership.

  • No guns or weapons of any kind are allowed onto the property. Anyone caught causing deliberate suffering to any wildfowl on the property will be banned.

  • Unruly or abusive behaviour towards other members, bailiffs or property will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Members under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents will be removed from the venue (by the police if necessary) and banned without a refund.

  • Always park your vehicle in the car parks inside the venue. Do not park any vehicles on the verges outside of the property

  • Refunds are entirely at the discretion of the management. If you have any issues please send an e-mail to

  • All members that are fishing or attending work parties at Wharf Pool Fishery are doing so at their own risk.

  • Your vehicles are parked at your own risk.

  • The management reserve the right to change or add new rules at any time.

  • By purchasing any kind of membership you confirm that you have read these rules and understood that breaking them may mean losing your membership immediately with no refund

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