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Welcome to Wharf Pool Fishery

 Two stunning gravel pits in Essex

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The Wharf Pool Syndicate lake is a gravel pit of approximately 5.5 acres and is stocked with approximately 100 stunning Carp to over 50lb. A true mix of young, fast growing fish and wrinkly, scaley old originals.

There are Carp of many strains. Suttons, Harrows, Leneys, Dintons

A truly amazing stock

Membership of the Wharf Pool Syndicate lake is available exclusively via invitation. 

We do not hold a waiting list.

Please note there are no Wharf Pool memberships available.

To join Pads lake please click here 

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Pads Lake is a gravel pit of around 4.5 acres. It is an intimate, short range water with a huge amount of features to fish to. 

Pads Lake is stocked with approximately 150 Carp to 33lb.

It can be very weedy in the summer months but we do periodically remove the weed.

If you have any questions regarding Pads Lake please send an email to

To join Pads lake please click here​ 

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